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Free Unlimited Play Tetris


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Free Unlimited Play Tetris
This is the free unlimited play version. Tetris is one of those games that you can almost pass off as being quasi intellectual. Basically, your job is to use the arrow keys to align various blocks in horizontal rows. As the rows are completed, they disappear from the screen and your score increases. Sounds easy, right? Well, the game gets trickier as the blocks start moving faster and faster, requiring you to draw on your high school geometry skills that have been lying dormant for the past ten years. Not for the spatially challenged.

Point of the Game: Obtain the highest level possible by completing limitless rows of blocks.

Quick Instructions: Use the arrow keys to angle the blocks to the location of your choice.

Great For: Obsessive compulsive personalities, unsatisfied math majors, and nostalgic Nintendo fans.

Tip: In the lower left corner of the game, you’ll see an image of the piece that is next in the queue. Use this advantage to strategically place your current piece.
Windows 2000, Windows XP
Free Unlimited Play Tetris
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Author: NeoEdge Networks
License: Freeware
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